Clubs & Activities

Video Club

MMHS sports has a YouTube page for live streaming home games, usually from the gymnasium. This is an excellent path to explore sports broadcast journalism and general video camera operation/ switching/and technology. If you like sports or if you like taking videos this is a great club to gain experience. Always better to do with a friend for support and to enjoy our home sports games.
This club meets depending on the home game schedule is generally in the late afternoon/early evening.

Contact Mr. Varian, Mr. Lenke, or Ms. Albee to Join!

Prom Committee

Prom is a fun, school-wide event that is a fundraiser for the Junior class. Traditionally this is led primarily by Juniors and requires
fundraising, development of theme, event planning and a commitment to setup and tear down. All students from all classes are welcome to attend meetings and to participate in creative design, but the majority of the decision making and budgeting is left to the Junior class participants. In order to be successful this group needs to be comprised of dedicated members that are committed to the success of the event from fall through May.

Contact Mrs. Bridges to Join!

Close-Up Washington D.C.

Close-Up Washington, D.C. is a self- fundraised trip to the Nation’s Capital. Students participate in Workshops On Wheels where they tour DC as well as learn about politics and history melded together. It’s
around a week long trip, during which students will tour the city of DC and spend a full day on Capitol Hill to meet their Congressmen.
** Ms. Albee will be absent on 9/9. Please see her another time if you are interested in

Contact Ms. Albee to Join!

Chess Club

Chess & Gaming meets once a week after school to promote gaming and chess competitions. MMHS does have a chess team and will travel away to participate in chess tournaments and the state scholastic chess tournament. All fees are covered. Even if you don’t know anything about chess this is a chance to try it out, meet other students and participate in an afterschool club. Even if you don’t like chess, the club still has many games available for all to participate in after school. For both sides, water and snacks are provided.

Contact Mr. Lenke to join!

Math Team

The math team meets Thursdays after school to practice math and critical thinking skills and apply them to challenge problems. We
compete with other teams in Washington and Hancock counties at math meets about once a
month on Wednesdays. All are welcome, regardless of math level or classes taken.

Contact Mrs. Chutter to join!

Outing Club

The MMHS Outing Club is open to ALL students in the school. We do not hold regular meetings. Every outing will be announced
and anyone who would like to participate is welcome. In the past we have gone on many hikes. We have canoed Simpsons pond,
Hadley lake, and the East Machias River. We have gone fishing, done outdoor photography contests, mountain biked the Sunrise Trail. camped at Cobscook State Park, and participated in many more events. One of the most popular events, which we do every year,
is the annual ice fishing trip on Indian lake. This club can be whatever you want to make

Contact Mr. Roy to join!

National Honors Society

  The National Honor Society promotes academic achievement, community service, leadership, and good citizenship in our school. Members choose group service
projects such as writing cards to nursing home residents or volunteering at an animal shelter. Students in 10th-12th grade with an 88 or above grade average are eligible to apply, and eligible students will receive more information later in the fall.

You must be nominated to join. Contact Mrs. Paprocki for more information!

National Art Honors Society

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) recognizes artistic talents and provides opportunities for leadership roles for visual arts students. We highlight excellence and dedication in art, we recognize art excellence in our school, and we promote art within the community.

Contact Mrs. Lee to join!

Drama Club

This is an opportunity to build a drama club that is student-driven. It’s our goal to encourage participation from all students by holding different school wide events. Possible examples include talent shows, open mic nights, skit shows, coffee houses, spoken word/poetry slams, or
dance performances.

Contact Mrs. Look to join!

Lego Club

Lego Club in Mrs. Reynolds’ room. 7 students max.

Contact Mrs. Reynolds to join!

Student Council

The Student Council is the voice of the student body at MMS. They work together for the unity and well-being of our school and community. If you’d like to be a voice, an advocate, an ambassador, and an activist, please see Mrs. Schoppee.

Contact Mrs. Schoppee to join!

Welcome Committee

Members of the Welcome Committee help establish an environment of comfort and support for all students at MMHS. They might be asked to help orient new students
who transfer into or want to shadow at MMHS during the school year, host an activity, or invite peers into a friendly and
supportive group. The first meeting will be on the 16th during lunch

Contact Ms. Cirillo to join!

GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance)

This is an informal group and all students are welcome. This is a time to meet in a safe space and be yourself. Activities and meeting times are determined by the group.

Contact Mrs. McKenna to join!

Embroidery Club

Embroidery Club in Ms. Carlow’s room hosted by Mrs. Dowling. !0 students max, materials provided.

Contact Mrs. Dowling to join!

Want to start a club?

Contact the front office!