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ARP ESSERiii input requested

Machias Public Schools, MMHS & RMG, are requesting input from the public on the following plan for using the most recent grant funds available from the federal government to address the impact of covid-19 on children’s health, safety and education (ARP ESSER III).

Machias Public Schools are applying for $1,774,107.22 of these funds. We will use $1,108,000.00 for the improvement of RMG and MMHS facilities and transportation systems to promote health and safety.  $545,500.00 will be used to address learning loss through payment for additional staff, additional materials, and after school and summer programming.  Upgrades to technology will utilize $45,000 of the funding, and the remaining $75,607.22 will be used to purchase additional PPE, cleaning supplies, maintenance equipment, as well as to pay for additional hours for kitchen and custodial staff. 

If you wish to comment on this plan, please feel free to contact Nicole Case (255-3812 or or Sue Dow (255-3812 or  Community input regarding this plan would be greatly appreciated.

Maine Department of Education Covid-19 Toolkit

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention